Why foo’d?

About a month ago, I started a (different) blog in order to track my progress on the healthy eating plan, the “Whole30.”  On the plan,  I stopped eating dairy, grains, legumes, soy, and sugar for 30 days.  I started cooking a lot, cooking healthier, and posting what I made on my blog.  But, it was way too time consuming and intense for me to keep up my old blog after the 30 days was over, and I decided it wasn’t good for me to keep thinking so much.

However, when I was on the the Whole30, I learned a lot of things.  For instance, one thing I learned was that people really like pictures of food.  Any kind of food and any quality photo. You don’t even have to make it look good. I was posting pictures of the disgusting leftovers I was eating for lunch and everyone on facebook was “liking” my dish and asking when was I coming to their house to cook?!  And I found out I really liked cooking healthy, blogging about it and that I really needed a hobby.

I also learned that everyone likes someone who bakes.  And, I want people to like me.

I thought of all the food blogs that I had read and  all their professional quality photos, pithy writing, snazzy graphics, and original recipes and realized it was all so unnecessary!  All you have to do is put some slop on a plate, capture it with your smart phone, and voila, food and lifestyle blog!  I thought, I could definitely do that!  I can even make it funny!  And now I even have three hobbies: baking, writing and photography! (I use all three of those terms very loosely.)

I thought, this is really what the celebrity chef/food blogging world is missing:  a total amateur.

And so, get foo’d was born.  I hope you like it!


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